Thursday, April 26, 2012

sampah intelektual

Belakangan mulai risih dengan banyaknya tulisan, di mana-mana, entah itu di website, blog, di jalan, di facebook, dll.
Semakin banyak membaca, makin merasa, banyak yang hanya menulis "SAMPAH", oh...tidakkkk!!!!!
banyak yang cuma copy-paste-edit, jaranggggg bangetttt yang nulis orisinil hasil dari curahan isi kepalanya ato berdasarkan ilmu pengetahuan....

Di himbau untuk semua orang yg punya hobi nulis ato sejenisnya, tolong jangan nulis kalo hanya mo nulis sampah...
kasihan yang baca, udah buang waktu, energi, biaya, dll...yang di dapat hanya SAMPAH tak berguna...
mending kalo sampah plastik masih bisa di daur ulang, kalo sampah isi kepala/inteletual, bagaimana cara daur ulangnya????

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

still about "alien card"

this is my friend's black joke, accidentally he was mention "宇宙人登録証明書" (read: uchu-jin tōroku shōmei-sho) instead of "外国人登録証明書" (read: Gaikoku-jin tōroku shōmei-sho), when we discussed about this card....then now, I habit with this new name =))

Thursday, June 23, 2011


This morning we were (DH+me) watched news at television, "ohayou nippon", then one section of the news was about nuclear power plant, and also mentioned Indonesia plan to make nuclear power plant too!
OMG!!! Indonesia plan too....yes, few times ago, I heard about it, but I thought it was just a gossip, but it is true!!! a big true!!!

and the mr.x (don't know who is him) said in short interviewed: "Indonesia and Japan has similarity problem, bla...bla...."
yes, then? did you know what you talked about? knock!...knock!...

Can't Indonesia learn something from Fukushima-daiichi???
I can't trust my eyes, ears, head anymore, whith what I saw in television this morning...

then it was short conversation between me and DH:
me: I heard it few times ago in the FB, I thought...(lost my words...)
DH: you thought it was gossip?
me: yes, but now, it becoming true! (with big opened eyes)
DH: jadi kalo nanti ada masalah, radiasi yang leakage, bisa bilang, fukushima bilang tidak apa-apa (while saying it, he did thumb-up and spoke Indonesian with his limit vocabulary and grammar)
me: *sigh!!!! totally lost all my words...

pleaseeee!!!! someone there, see with your bigger eyes...nuclear power plant is not the best solution for earth, for now and perhaps long as you still cannot control the earthquake power, then better you develop other energy and wind and water and sea waves and other clean and environmental friendly energy source.
what is your purpose with this nuclear power plant? show off? NO WAY! your ability and capability not there yet!
I beg you, STOP NUCLEAR POWER PLANT on earth!!!